It was an extremely tiring day.  We had all been going through our share of life’s mishaps, so we knew we needed to do something special for ourselves.  So, the 8 of us made plans to travel back home to see our girl Angie. She’d just gone through a divorce and was having a really rough time. We all agreed that we’d fly home to console her.


My girlfriend Denice, the boujie one with OCD, was in charge of making the dinner reservations. We trusted her for the task because she was well read on all the trendy new eating spots!… and it had to be to her liking. We’d had problems in the past with her ocd, so we just decided to let her choose the restaurants we ate at going forward.


My oldest and dearest friend Judy, was going to make it in first and she was finally going to come out of the closet to the rest of our circle.  Of course I had always known that Judy was gay, because we had a lil fling once after high school…we never told a soul… but, Judy and I were best friends since 3rd grade.


our circle hadn’t seen Judy since she graduated from college, but I’d gone to visit her several times throughout the years.


By the way, I’m Jennifer! Jennifer James… but all my girls call me JJ.

I’d been married and divorced more times than I care to share… so I knew I’d be able to help Angie in some way. After all, I had the experience lol.


Then there was Rici. OMG! Rici was a plumb fool to put it mildly. When we graduated Richard was a beautiful chocolate drop of a man. Richard was bowlegged… and beautiful was not a descriptive enough word to describe not only his physical appearance, but also his heart! Over the years things changed and one of those things was Richard’s anatomy… Richard had made his decision to become Rici…and all of us supported his decision. Although we hadn’t physically seen Rici, we supported her 100%.


I personally couldn’t wait to see her. I felt really lucky to have a plethora of beautiful and unique friends.


Now, I’m not sure how Angel would take seeing Rici because, although she supported Richard’s decision and new lifestyle. it was a conflict with her morals.  Angel was a minister now…she’s evolving spiritually and has had her own church for the last 5 years, but I still think that Angel had had hopes that she and Richard maybe one day getting together… she loved Richard differently than the rest of us. I think it’s safe to say, Angel missed out!


Then there’s Rebecca… whew! BECCA, BECKY, OR Bitchy as we so lovingly referred to her as… Becca was rich and white, but she loved her chocolate drops!. That’s literally what she’d call us… and it was ok.. because Becca wasn’t racist and she never cared what anyone thought of us. We would joke sometimes and say that we were all one big cup of strong black coffee sure to wake up the world!…until Becca jumped a splash of her creamy ass in our cup and made us a big cup of caramel latte’! She had always been well off… Her folks had money and of course she had to marry a blue blood. Her momma, Mrs. Cathy, wasn’t having it any other way… when she got married right after high school Mrs.Cathy said, “Rebecca you can have your drops of chocolate in the wedding, but there sure as hell won’t be any other chocolate in the house”.


I know that sounds kinda mean, but you have to realize that we graduated in the 90s and in our home town, things were still a bit black and white if you get my drift.


Becca’s wedding was beautiful!

Completely snow white everything! except for 7 drops of chocolate!


Becca’s flying in on her private jet with Rachel…she and Rachel went on to be business partners after college.


Rachel is rich as well. She moved to California some years ago and while at a Grateful Dead concert, she met an older guy who was into pot. For years Rachel and this guy did nothing but travel, attend Grateful Dead concerts and smoke lots of pot. She would always send one post card and make us forward it to each other… she told us that she’d be rich one day… but we just laughed because we knew she’d probably end up just smokin’ pot the rest of her life… unbeknownst to us, Rachel and the old guy had gotten married and he had lots of land in Oregon and California. Rachel and Becca linked up somewhere along the lines and then Kanabis Konni was formed.  They had a legal cannabis farm in 3 states!.   YES MARIJUANA IS LEAGAL NOW… so technically we were right, Rachel would be smoking pot all of her life. lol


Angie is the only one of us that still lives back home and since none of us had been there in years we wanted to see the town, visit some old friends, and see how the town had grown.


Denice sent a mass text telling us where we’d be meeting for dinner that night. She told us that it’d been hard to secure reservations at her favorite restaurant in Memphis… and that she bribed the hostess to secure the reservation, but wasn’t sure that we’d get it. Her OCD was so bad we all had to eat where she had chosen because she specifically liked clean spaces and hated noisy crowds.


She let us know that her favorite place was booked solid, but she assured us that she had it covered and that she wouldn’t flake on us if she couldn’t find what she felt comfortable with… she promised that she’d go wherever we chose, if all else failed.


It was 3 pm and we received a mass text from Denice…


Denice – Guys, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find anywhere for us to go that I’d be comfortable going to, so just go without me and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow…


Rici – OH HELL NO! Neice don’t start with that boujie ocd shit! it’s been years and I want you to see me TODAY!


…the rest of us chimed in as well…


Becca – DENICE, Rachel has a joint for you, you’ll be fine and wherever we go, we’ll drink lots of wine and not only can you drown out the voices from everybody else in the restaurant, you can also be so high beforw we get there, that you won’t notice anything nasty! with yo boujie ass…I love you chocolate drop!


then I responded…


Jennifer –  I have a cousin back home who says that a new restaurant has opened in the TOWN. She says she’s never gone, but she heard that it was nice.


OMG! my phone blew up!

text after text, 7 to be exact…


Denice – JENNIFER don’t nobody wanna go to no damn hole in the wall, greasy spoon in West Memphis!


Rachel – Who do you think we are!?


Angel – HEY, yall remember when we used to get chitlin plates from Mrs. Anners on Broadway…


Judy- Remember Becca used to make Richard, sorry Rici lol… go get her pork chop sandwiches for lunch.


Rici – Kmsl yall are crazy!


Angie – Judy! I know you’re not talking about eating in West Memphis.. you stayed at Dodges getting a 2 piece and 5 jojos lol


Rachel – Well I don’t care where we eat at!


Becca – I’m sure you don’t Rachel… you probably have the muchies right now!


Jennifer – K, guys! let’s just find out the name and google it.


Denice – Google it for what! kmsl I’m sure they don’t even have a website!…and whats gonna be on the menu anyway! hog jowls, neck bones and pinto beans. ??


Angie – Hey guys! STOP JUST STOP!

I do still live here and if this fool hadn’t taken everything from me, yall would be able to come to my place and eat, but I don’t have shit! so!



sorry Ann

I’m sorry boo

Angie we love you

yeah, sorry Angie


Denice – Well I’m not! I hate West Memphis and I’m certain aint shit there good to eat.


Judy – Stfu Denice!


Jennifer – Ok guys, I got the name of the place… I’m googling it now. give me a minute and I’ll send yall the info.



Ok guys, the web site says it just recently opened and you have to make reservations!


Denice – Reservations for WEST MEMPHIS…you’re kidding me right!


Rici – Damn Niece chill! it’s not about you… it’s about Angie!


JENNIFER – As I was saying… you have to make reservations…hmmmm I’m reading this introduction… and it sounds kinda good!


lol and I actually think you may like it Denice… Sounds like one of your lil boujie shii shii spots!


Angel – Angie you haven’t gone to this place…


Angie – Gurl I’ve been in bed for the last 6 months! I’ve bathed like 6 times… lol


Rachel – I got something to help you with that… I got you boo!


Jennifer – Here’s the introduction guys… let me know what you think


The proprietors of Tiny House Café and it’s ace staff champion an atmosphere conducive for Intimacy, the warmth of family, beloved friends, cherished memories, as well as the love you feel when these things converge over a home cooked meal. T.H.C, a cafe reminiscent of a French bistro in Paris, has merged the fine dining experience with the comforts of home. Our communal table for lunch offers an eclectic menu. We offer choice cuts of meats as well as a veritable bevy of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Join us for dinner. This experience will leave you speechless as we infuse west coast culture into this exclusive West Memphis experience. By RESERVATION ONLY, your party of no more than 15 can have a familial at-home dining experience in our home away from home. JOIN US!…..Experience the charm of our intimate setting, pleasant staff, and delicacies catered to delight the senses.


Jennifer – Sounds good to me I’m with it.


Denice – I have to admit it does sound like something I’d love to experience.


Rici – I like the fact that it’s a new dining concept!  with the west coast flavor!


Angie – Let’s do it! I’m gonna ride by there to just take a look at the environment.


Becca – Sounds great to me.. DO THEY HAVE WINE?



Angel – Becca that’s all you think about!…getting drunk!. lol


Judy – Angel I thought that lil book you carry around said that wine is good for the belly sake and that you should eat , drink and be merry!


Rachel – Yeah, Angel don’t start tryna perform any exorcisms on nobody! and speaking in tounges! kmsl


Jennifer – I’m calling to make reservations now.. is everyone on board?


Rici – yes!

Judy – yea!

Angie – yeah!

Angel  -sure!

Denice – I guess so!

Rachel – I’m stoked!

Becca – Long as its wine there! I’m there!



5 hours later…


We all arrived at the location.

Angel and Denice Ubered…

I rode in the limo with Becca, Angie and Rachel.

Judy and Rici arrived in a black Maybach.. with dark tinted windows!


I knew why!…but I didn’t spoil it for the others.



When the limo pulled into the parking lot,

(I don’t know about the others), but I was pleasantly surprised. The place had wonderful curb appeal!. It truly did remind you of a little french cafe in Paris..  and I thought for a moment… WELL WELL WEST MEMPHIS! LOOK at You!


It was beautiful! and there where beautiful rose bushes along the entrance and sides of the building..


and it most certainly looked exactly like a tiny house.


We all exited our vehicles…


Just as Judy was opening the door to get out of the Maybach, Angel yelled, “where’s Rici?!”… SHE RAN OVER to the car and flung the door open.. and there she was…

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Her face had a Rodney King beat on it… omg I thought Angel would pass out… I don’t really think she believed that Richard had indeed become a woman…


Judy ran over to catch Angel!


I was tickled pink! and then we all ran over to Rici and hugged her and then Angie!wept like it was a funeral!.


Just then, Judy cleared her voice and said, “Ladies, ladies, let’s get ourselves together!!”


We turned to walk into the tiny restaurant.

We didn’t know what we were in store for, but when we walked through the door, I KNEW we weren’t in Arkansas anymore lol


The ambiance was nice. There were dimly lit lights throughout the space. The decor was chic and modern. There was one huge dining table. It were almost as if we were at home… but not at home… it felt like I was I was in big momma’s kitchen, but a little more upscale. The hostess was beautiful, soft spoken and polite..


“WELCOME to the tiny house cafe ladies.. we’ve been expecting you,

please sit down and make yourselves at home. TONIGHT THIS Tiny house IS YOUR HOUSE… BE FREE, BE YOU!

enjoy a wonderful glass of wine and tonight our chef’s specials are grilled lamb chops with a raspberry and pepper glaze. A rich, creamy mushroom risotto, braised collard greens or grilled asparagus…

Here are your menus. Make yourselves at home and we’ll be right back to take your drink orders…


OMG.. I didn’t know if I was in shock because Rici was so beautiful or because I didn’t expect this for such a tiny space.


All of us were in awe…this place was gorgeous and quaint… It was just what we needed for the things we needed to discuss. PRIVATE ISHHHH! We didn’t have to worry about being too loud because the restaurant was all ours for the evening!

It was so refreshing to not have to share the space with anyone else and being able to see the chef prepare our meals was a pleasure as well.. We’d always wondered what went on, in those kitchens, in the back of the restaurant…


Now, we had an opportunity to not only see, but we could also talk with the chef while he was preparing our meal. The place was immaculately clean… so we all knew that Denice was pleased…


The hostess came back with the menus and wine list… so, we knew that Becca was pleased..


We placed our wine orders…3 bottles to be exact!…and not too pricy, might I add!


The tiny space had a calming energy… it was very Zen-like.


The hostess came back and asked if we preferred a live saxophonist, vocalist or if we’d prefer to play our own music via Bluetooth throughout the restaurant…


NOW where in else in the world could you get service like this!??


We opted for the Bluetooth during appetizers and wine… and a saxophonist during dinner…


Omg! We laughed, cried, hugged and cried some more.. talked loud and even cursed alot lol and there wasn’t anyone to offend… even Angel began to untighten her misters collar and relax a little… Afterall, she was among friends and we didn’t judge!


Just before dinner, a man entered the dining room with a small jazz sax and he began to serenade us…




The hostess took our orders… I had the lamb chops, Rachel ordered from the vittles portion of the menu which had soul food selections.

The others ordered tapas plates.. and the chef served us!


If you’re ever in the tiny town of West Memphis, Arkansas…

YOU’VE GOT TO check out the
TINY HOUSE CAFE’ ….. by the tracks

they remember your name!



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