naked and unafraid cont…


Left to right they are, Ulanda, but I call her Lil Shon! She’s my rider, but she won’t let me be wrong. She corrects me whenever needed! She has the hugest heart and won’t hurt a fly! I’ve often asked her, “Lil Shon, why you so nice to people when they’re mean to you?”… and she simply says, “A playa gotta keep her LOVE game tight!”. SHE’S A TRUE BLUE and I trust her with my life.

Next is me, Kiki…. I’m my BEST FRIEND and sometimes my worst enemy! I keep all my secrets, yet, I’ll tell everything about me to a perfect stranger if I think it will help them in any way. I make sure Kiki treats people the way she wants to be treated and when no one else has my back, and I can’t talk to any of the women you see here, I talk to KIKI and she always sees me through.

Next is Quesha, but I call her KWEEEE SHU! lol I don’t know why I have to whine when I call her name but I do. Quesha and I have been friends since Kindergarten. We were in the same class. We went to school together k-12.. We’ve done a whole lot of dirt together lol, We’ve had a few not so good moments in our friendship, but TRUE FRIENDS never fall completely out. She’s the mother of my friends! Quesha will help you whoop ya man if you need to lol! She’ll also help you whoop anybody else… lol…well, used to! We’ve matured since that time. Quesha will open her home to anyone in need. She can be reached by her friends any time of day or night. She’s always only a phone call away! She can be counted on for almost anything if she feels you’re a friend! I know she’ll always have my back and she knows that I’ll have hers when and if she needs me.

Next is Dr. Topeka Small.  I’ve known her for 12 years now.  I call her PEKA! Boy has she helped me grow! I appreciate her countless counseling sessions.. she’s my therapist friend and confidant. I can tell her anything and she won’t judge me. Although very educated and professional in real life, Peka is a friend whose house you can go over and have a shot of Patron, while being funky for 2 days because you couldn’t bring yourself to showering because you were too hurt from your man cheating on you. She’ll lay all the bells and whistles aside (all the proper grammar and context) and she’ll say, “GAL COME ON IN HEAH AND SAT DOWN AND tell me all about it wit ya stankin ass!” Lol! She’s the only person to me, that says my name with such class and dignity… I wish you could hear her say…NIKIKI!

Next is the Diva! I’ve known of this young lady for years, but I’m very much older than she so, I didn’t get an opportunity to get to know her when I was younger. Our paths crossed a few times at beauty shops over the years, but the real connection came in 2013.. From our initial conversation, she dubbed me, “BIG SIS”! I didn’t know at the time how special she would become and how big of a part of my life she’d occupy… but, she is indeed my sister!.. I appreciate her kindness, her genius and selfless spirit! She gave me a piece of advice a few years ago and it saved my life!…and she knows what that is! She’s proven herself to be the type of friend that will bend over backwards for you…or drive you for 7 hours str8 with no sleep, because she loves you!   She’s a true gem and a rare find! I’m happy to call her sister and if you don’t think she’s my sister…. TRY ME!  you’ll get your feelings hurt!

Last bust certainly not least… Tina Carter, I call her Tina Taylor…. Tina is the second person in my whole life to wear the title BEST FRIEND. The first was before I went to school. We started hanging together in Junior High. We were inseparable. There was another person in our trio… she’s not pictured, but is still in my heart. We were the 3 Musketeers! Lol! We dressed alike, ate lunch together, and did all the things Junior High kids do. We even became cheerleaders together. Our friendship was the first of all the others! It set the tone! I remember us laughing a lot! We had some bouts too, but I remember Tina being fun. I wanted to be like her! She probably doesn’t know this, but I truly did. She had sisters and I envied that. She and our 3rd friend wore glasses and I didn’t…until the day we found a pair in the gym. My crazy ass was happy! I wore someone else’s glasses just to be like and look like she and our other girlfriend. I’m so glad that she came out to the event! We reconnected and it was a pleasure to find out that she’s still Tina Taylor, the cool chick I hung with in Junior High.


Well…it was my hope that all of the people that I hold dear to my heart would have been there to support me on that night, but it didn’t happen that way and the ones that did come are the ones that should’ve and I’m very grateful for that!




Would you look at these brothers!… They did their thing and I hope that every sister that these fellas touched felt special in some way.

I want to give a huge huge shout out to my Husband, Brandon Franklin-Bey (3rd from the left), if not for him, none of this would’ve been possible. Babe, Thank you for motivating me and being by my side assisting me in every way possible! Thank you for the beautiful edible arrangement that you sent to start that day off! It was truly special and much needed!  Thank you for your calming touch and demeanor…it always seems to bring me back to peace.

Christopher Henry, my lil cuzin and my homie! (1st on the left)

Juan, my husband’s good friend, very respectful and  always greets me with a smile and hug! (2nd on left)

Larry,( directly behind my husband), great guy! He was so willing to help in any way that he even worked for us on his off day!

Kevin Bates, class mate and business partner to my husband. He was the 1st man to tell me how great he thought the event would be and he was the first man to acknowledge that the event was eyeopening and helped him as well.  (1st on the right)

Daniel Foster,( 2nd on right). Man, he humped for us!  He got in there, took charge and handled things! I appreciate that, a man that knows how to take charge!  Excellent leadership quality.

Last but not least, My good friend Michael Troup…  We refer to each other as “West Memphis”, lol it keeps us grounded! He’s not only my long time friend from the hood, we grew up together on South 16th street, but he was also my first male nail client and was a long standing client of mine! When he heard about the event and what I was trying to do for the ladies, he called me immediately and asked if I needed his help.. and I did! He came through for me! I knew he’d be a perfect gentleman to you ladies. They all were… but, I’m sure West Memphis put the charm on for ya! I know he did because my granny called and raved about him escorting she and Dr. Barr to their cars! lol



Dr. Jael Roberson is a professor at Spelman University as well as, life coach, motivational speaker and actress. She did an amazing job speaking to and motivating us to be Great! I know she touched a few of the ladies lives on that night and I’m certain she lit a spark under some sister there to ignite her future! Sh’es a giving person, I know that because when I contacted her for the event and told her what the theme was and what I wanted to do for the women in my hometown, she didn’t hesitate to accept the invite and on top of that, SHE SAID SHE WOULDN’T CHARGE US! I only had to fly her there and accommodate her. She blessed us real real real good!…and I’m forever grateful for her. I’m certain that I’ll be able to assist her in some way in the near future with help and support!

Thank you soooo much Jael! I love You!