Dear Str8nochasr

Greeetings and WELCOME to my office! have a seat at my desk, ask any question you’d like, VENT if you want! drop some knowledge! make a statement, CUSS somebody’s ASS out if you have to… you may do it all right here ANONYMOUS with no JUDGEMENT! your opinion is yours, and mine is mine! both will be respected!

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Sincerely, Kiki

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  1. I can’t stand bald headed hos that don’t take care of they kids and have them walking around unkempt.

    1. I definitely understand your frustrations.Luckily there are hundreds of beauty supply stores in the tri-state area that sell bundles of hair. hopefully the “ho’s” you speak of will consider purchasing a bundle. however, bald is in THESE days and i personally feel that BALD IS BEAUTIFUL! as for the children not being properly taken care of…. if you are a friend,family member or relative maybe you could offer assistance in that area. maybe you could suggest that the children get their hair done or maybe you COULD take up the slack and DO THE childrens hair yourself. however, if theres any time that you feel that the children’s well being or lives are in jeopardy PLEASE CALL THE AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY!.

  2. Women asking a man to choose which one of them he want to be with, like his ass is a grand prize. Why don’t they just leave him alone and quit giving him an ultimatum????

    1. if only we lived in a world of black and white! unfortunatly there are grey areas in life… I agreee men ARE NOT always “the grand prize” however, depending on rhe relationship I.M.O.(IN MY OPINION) it sometimes depend on what type of relationship a woman is having with a man. if a woman is married to a man he’s her husband and more times than not, and even skmetimes with infidelity, women choose to try and work things out with their husbands and for more reasons than just the vows that were made.(if it was a christian ceremony)
      sometimes women want to remain in their marriages with cheating spouses for the childrens sake or maybe she’s not at the point of financial independence, or just genuinely LOVES her husband and doesnt wish to allow another woman to come between them. so a sister may have caught her husband and gives him an ultimatum for the sake of the union and or other reasons.. now, if shes not married then i agree with you wholeheartedly… LET HIS ASS GO! SHIDDDD shes single with no commitment! so chunk the dueces! #str8nochasr

  3. We as parents love our children as we reared them to be productive citizens and to be responsible adult with their children when they decided to have them as we see many many times they are not tide of these grow as kids doing nothing productive with their lifes leaving kids for granny to take care of just sick and tide of grow lazy sorry ass children I don’t want the extra shit let me be weekend granny not damn everyday when you doing you this is wearing deeply on me need some release O know grandkids need us Happy Hoildays

    1. Yes! ADULT children with children should be parenting their own children! and im sure it gets hard sometimes always having to be responsible for your grandchildren especially after you’ve raised yours. my hat is off to you! I applaud you and all your efforts to help keep your grand children safe and cared for. i know its a tough job! im not certain of the exact sistuation that your grands are in but if their parents aren’t abusing them, they arent in any danger, and not being neglected in any way. i feel that its ok to say NO sometime… NO, i cant watch them tonight. its ok to set boundaries for your children as well as anyone else in your life.. HEY! this is what i can do and this is what i cant do! sit them down and let them know that you wish to live your life now and its not fair to have to always have the grands. agree on a specific day and time when you CAN AND WILL watch the children. and STICK TO IT! a few things will happen as a result. . your kids may respect your new assertiveness and realize that they’ve not been fair to you. it could make your children and your granchildren become closer now that granny is not always there. and it will make the time that you spend with the grands from this point on ALL THE MORE SPECIAL! COMMUNICATION IS KEY!. communication without alteration! and if you’ve ever said it before..this time say it differently. sometimes people cant hear us when when we use a familar tone!
      but remember..IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO TRULY RAISE A CHILD. hang in there granny!

  4. I’m sending you vibes of love, hope and strength to everyone that’s dealing with grief, loneliness, betrayal, financial crisis, health issues, job instability, depression, etc… many people are fighting battles they never mention… People assume other’s are ok without ever really examining a person’s cry for help… I’m claiming the victory for every battle that my brother’s & sister’s face…

    1. Ase’ and thank you beautiful soul. I myself along with countless others need and appreciates this prayer!


    1. I.M.O (in My Opinion) lol First, its LEARNED BEHAVIOR most of the time brought on by RELIGION, class or race. Secondly, its because they’re plain ole STUPID and it makes them feel better about the shit they do and how they act if they look down on others… JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE HAVE A SUPERIOTY COMPLEX. don’t sweat it though because the only persons opinion of you that matters is YOURS AND THE CREATORS!!!! never forget that!

  5. I’m struggling as a parent. Or maybe what I envisioned as a better parent. My daughter (13) just informed me she’s ready to lose her virginity and while I’ve been open to her about boys and sex, she feels she’s ready. Damnit!! Why can’t I get her to understand she’s not ready. Seasoned moms I can use all advice!!

    1. Boy do I understand what you’re going thru. lets do this first… Ask yourself what age you were when you lost your virginity. Ask yourself why you did it. Next APPLAUD your daughter and yourself because apparently you’ve been doing something right because she is responsible and mature enough and respects you enough to come to you and communicate exactly whats been on her mind. THATS AWESOME…most of us my age just did it and sneaked around all of our teen years. Take this opportunity to EDUCATE your daughter on the HUGE RESPONISBILTY that sex brings. GET OUT OF THE BEDROOM.. don’t let this be about envisioning your baby girl having sex, or the fact that she’s unmarried. EDUCATE HER on all the drawbacks that come with sex not just the possibility of pregnancy and hiv aids and other stds. SEX BRINGS ON FINANCIAL OBLIGGATIONS that she isn’t aware of.. no more pediatrician visits. TAKE HER TO THE OBGYN ask the doctor to show her the speculum, and explain the process of having a pelvic exam. tell her that out side of stds, having a penis in her vagina is going to throw her PH BALANCE or natural flora off and her vagina is going to start having a different odor. Tell her about how having a penis regularly could cause her to have bacterial vaginosis, or vaginitis and how much FLAGYL cost and how nasty it is lol… and how once a women gets a bacterial infection its damn near impossible to get rid of and how women battle that shit for years!!!!!! TELL HER ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION THAT SEX BRINGS… look up soul ties and have her watch you tube videos of young girls talking about how hard it was to get rid of SEXUAL SOUL TIES. TRY having other teens in the family that will keep it real about sex with her and tell her the flip side of sex for a teen. AND BELIEVE ME THERE ARE PLENTY OF TEENS GOING BACK N FORTH to the health dept. Most of all don’t you DARE look at yourself as being anything but a good parent! You have not failed because she’s interested in having sex. sometimes we forget that our daughters are human and have hormones just as we do. we fail to realize that when these girls get their cycles they also get other hormonal urges as well. the biological things that are going on inside of our bodies doesn’t care about howl old our being is… it just starts happening. a 13 year old can have a child because biologically her body is equipped to do so. WTBS her insides doesn’t know or understand that “HER MOTHER WOULDNT WANT HER FEELING AROUSED”, have you ever felt horney or aroused before your cycle comes on? or after it goes off? I have and I know of other women that do as well. so what your daughter may be feeling is just not her wanting to do it because she loves the lil boy etc… she may just be ready for something that WE KNOW she isn’t… but that’s only do to experience but that does not mean that her body biologically isn’t ready. does that make sense? DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS…. EDUCATE HER EDUCATE HER ON ALL ASPECTS OF SEX!

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