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How many times have we gleaned from our elders? How many times have they told us old cliches?


Its 1:00 in the morning and i finally get what my great-grandmother was trying to teach me at an earlier age and time in my life.  its so quiet, calm, peaceful and relxing where i am at this moment.. i swear i can hear her speaking to me…

Thank you BIG Momma! i hear you this time and this time not only do I hear you, but i also understand what you’re saying this time…

“KIKI, BABY, YOU GOTTA HAVE WATER HYDRANT LOVE. Or else you’ll have a long row to hoe in life!

In case you’re to young to know what “having a long row to hoe” means… it was a term that the elders and ancestors used while working in the cotton fields in the south. It simply meant you had a long days work ahead of you.



Its the year 2017 and my great-grandmother knew when i was a young girl that i loved foolishly and purely.  Loving the wrong people that way has gotten me into quite a bit of trouble along this life journey of mine.

I’ve always been told by the matriarchs in my family, that i loved to hard.  I NEVER truly understood what that meant.  As I’ve aged and experienced some of lifes most hurtful upsets and let downs. I’ve come to realize that maybe what i should have been being told was… KIKI YOU LOVE UNWORTHY  PEOPLE, People who weren’t made to recieve the  love you posess and they dont deserve your love.    i know you must be thinking thats TOTALLY wrong!  you should love everyone… true you should have a compassion for humans and we all know that “God” commanded us to love.

But how should we love?

At 45 years old,  i think that as of today, i FINALLY GOT IT BIG MOMMA.

Its perfectly fine for me to love people in my capacity.  Its perfectly fine to love people unconditionally.  But i have had to learn who and what deserves the different types of love that i have to give.


It is in my opinion that the only people worthy of recieving TRUE UNCONDITIONAL love are your babies, your toddlers, your adolescents,  and your teen children; that is it! NO one else should be loved UNCONDITIONALLY!


And i say that because babies didnt ask to come here and children  love innocently and unconditionally  but adults,  ANY ADULT that is toxic in your life in any way or that is detrimental to your being or your growth as a person as a human being, that ADULT does not deserve your unconditional love!. you may love them but it has to be with some sort of condition otherwise you are setting yourself up for a disastrous situation.

I GET IT BIG MOMMA… the love that flowed from my heart for people of all kinds, family, friends, and spouses…. has stopped flowing like a running faucet…it has now become a drip!.

because with water hydrant love you have the power  to stop and start the flow as well as the power to control the speed of the flow.

FOR ALL OF THOSE that I KNOW THAT IVE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY….let this be your notice. see this drip in the pic above, thats the love that you ALL WILL NOW RECIEVE. its still love indeed however, it is up to you when and if it will ever flow like running water from a faucet  again.

and i have no problem with giving it to you this way… completely at a STANDSTILL!   NO FLOW AT ALL.





I’m so tired of the word “hoe” and its definition as I know it to be. I’m so tired of hearing grown male boys and girls referring to any woman as a “hoe” I wonder where did this “hoe” come from where did she originate and how did she become a “hoe” some black men say that word with such hate, such power so much force! Yet, I wonder how many have contributed to a woman becoming or being the “hoe” that they so love to hate! I wonder which came first the chicken hoe or the egg! Which came first, a woman wanting to be a hoe or some HOE ASS BOY making her, convincing her, loving her, beating her, using her, mentally crippling her, emotionally killing her, molesting her, raping her, manipulating her to the point that she EVOLVED INTO THE “HOE” that you grown HOE ASS BOYS made her into! Was it a part of us being enslaved and used as bed winches, and breeders!!!!

Could it possibly have anything to do with our ancestors being forced to use their vaginas as nothing but breeding holes for the next big black buck’s dick to fill it with semen and breed another strong buck for their economic plan for 400 years!!!!!… YOU LOW DOWN STUPID GOOD FOR NOTHING BUT THE ONE PUMP YO RAGGEDY ASS PAPPY USED TO DROP YO ASS IN ya momma vagina with!  A lot of you grown boys got momma issues and the true “hoe” you love to hate is the one you call momma! Because, truth be told, that’s your first impression of a woman and what a woman’s character is.  Grown boys ‘round here demeaning and debasing any or all sisters because she gets government assistance and ya’ll assess got free cheese and help on light bills and shit just like everybody else and if yo momma didn’t get assistance she either IS the “hoe” you love to hate and was getting her shit by tricking or working extremely hard for ya dumb flagging ass!

If walls could talk!  There’d be a million women saying what they’ve had to result to doing to feed half of this population.  Grown ass boys talking bout they’re a pimp and pimping… and then with the same nasty, stanking ass, no brushed ass teeth mouth, they talk about the so called “hoe” that’s financially helping them feed their children! Naw, fuck that they ain’t feeding their children… they’re buying dope and J’s with the money….

Either way, Just fucking think for a moment!  Ain’t no damn body no fucking HOE… they might be poor, brain washed, foolish, dumb,slow, uneducated or ignorant but a HOE…. naw i think NOT!  At least not on her own. Teach a woman how to be a woman if you think or feel that women are just HOES.  Its plenty of women who have come behind millions of other women and RE-RAISED their sons to be REAL PRODUCTIVE MEN!… if a woman is not acting like the woman she should be it may not be that she’s a “hoe” it may just be that you’re a grown boy and you treat her like a hoe because you’re ignorant of what it is to be a real GROWN MAN, therefore she’s ignorant of what it is to be a real woman and she’s only doing what she knows to do!

Learn what ignorant means…. It means to NOT KNOW! Simple…. The answer is not just get money! The answer is to also  GET KNOWLEDGE! PEOPLE,  we as a people need to stop focusing on bullshit and get KNOWLEDGE OF SELF! All aspects! If you’re a male, and you’re a grown boy! Learn the definitions of male, boy, and man… and if you’re a female… and think you’re a “hoe” learn the definition of female, girl, woman and lady! I’m not mad at either; grown boys or “hoes” and I love ‘em all because I know what the bigger picture is… I know that we need EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION and EDUCATION… and I’m not talking about that Eurocentric SHIT!  I’m talking about a crash course in humanity and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF!… knowledge of self!!!!!


RE-EDUCATE THE NEGRO…… please somebody!