Greetings! I’m KIKI, and this is my blog, STR8NOCHASR.COM. I started this blog in December of 2014. However, I’ve been writing all of my life in some form or fashion. Maybe it was my first diary that I so loved and adored. Although I haven’t had any formal education or training in writing,  I think it was my only way of  truly expressing myself. Being an only child for most of my life and being raised in that old fashioned way, where children should always remain in a child’s place, I didn’t get to talk and express myself very much so I learned to internalize everything. This blog allows me freedom to speak my mind. It has helped me heal, it has taught me lessons upon lessons,  it comforts me when I need comforting, its my doctor when I need therapy! It is my medicine when I’m ill! It is but one layer to my many layers. I consider myself somewhat of an onion. I have layer after layer and they all belong to me. I hope that this blog will do something for you, whether it be laughing, crying, releasing, venting, learning, or healing! It truly has for me.












































































































































































































































































































































































































have a shot of dialogue,Str8 No Chasr!